This is the Bitcoin LightningATM

Welcome to the documentation for the Bitcoin LightningATM. The following pages will guide you through the installation and setup of your own LightningATM.

Hey 😉 Pleased to have you! You arrived on the documentation website to build your own LightningATM.

🔎 What you'll find here :

  • Hardware and software requirements in detail

  • About 1.5 hours of video content to assemble all the hardware parts

  • Written documentation for the software and wallet setup

  • Trouble shooting and FAQ section

Please be aware that this is a hobbyist project and it is not secure and reliable enough to withstand attacks. I discourage the use of this setup in a professional environment - but it's rather a good educational tool.

💻 For the code head over to

Feel free to join the "LightningATM" Telegram group for more information and help. Also a great way to communicate with other "ATM builders" and share knowledge and experience:

Join the Telegram group here:

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