LightningATM Docs

This is the Bitcoin LightningATM

Welcome to the documentation for the Bitcoin LightningATM. The following pages will guide you through the installation and setup of your own LightningATM.
Hey 😉 Pleased to have you! You arrived on the documentation website to build your own LightningATM.

🔎 What you'll find here :

  • Hardware and software requirements in detail
  • About 1.5 hours of video content to assemble all the hardware parts
  • Written documentation for the software and wallet setup
  • Trouble shooting and FAQ section
Please be aware that this is a hobbyist project and it is not secure and reliable enough to withstand attacks. I discourage the use of this setup in a professional environment - but it's rather a good educational tool.
💻 For the code head over to​
Feel free to join the "LightningATM" Telegram group for more information and help. Also a great way to communicate with other "ATM builders" and share knowledge and experience:
Join the Telegram group here:​
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